Reflective Bags

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Hi Vis Work Bags
£24.95 / unit(s) *
QD456 School Book Bags
£3.50 / unit(s) *
QD457 School Book Bag
£6.10 / unit(s) *
Junior Gym Bag
£1.98 / unit(s) *
QD51 Kids School Book Bags
£5.21 / unit(s) *
Primary School Book Bags
£3.56 / unit(s) *
BP200 Reflective Backpacks
£3.75 / unit(s) *
Hi Vis Backpacks
£24.95 / unit(s) *
QD463 Premium Book Bags
£0.00 / unit(s) *
Waterproof Backpack Covers
£5.60 / unit(s) *



Reflective Bags

Reflective Bags - Bags with Hi Vis Reflectivity.


Check out our range of reflective bags and holdalls, they all have light reflecting tape or accessories sewn or attached to the bag design to aid with visibility to the road user, worker, or school child when walking or riding during the darker winter months, adding that extra bit of safety to the owner.


All the bags can be personalised with your business logos or promotional text messages.

Please call for details or email your custom bag enquiry.