Child Tabards Selection

Child Tabards Selection


Child Tabards Selection.


Choose from a wide range of plain and pre-printed tabards or personalise your own choice of tabards.

Wide range of colours and sizes.Standard nylon colours and Hi Vis nylon colours available. School logos and Role play logos.

Childs-Plain-Nylon-Tabards Childs-Plain-Polycotton-Tabards Childs-Polyester-Tabards

Child's Plain Nylon Tabards


Child's Plain Polycotton Tabards Plain 4oz Polyester Tabards
Childs-Pre-Printed-Nylon-Tabards Childs-Pre-Printed-Polycotton-Tabards Childs-Pre-Printed-Polyester-Tabards

Pre-Printed Text ID Nylon Tabards


Pre-Printed Text ID Polycotton Tabards

Pre-Printed Text ID Polyester Tabards

Reflective-Tabards Personalised-Tabards Childs-Window-Tabards
Child's Hi Vis Reflective Tabards Personalised Tabards Clear PVC Panel Window Tabards


We manufacture a multitude of children’s tabards for use in schools, nurseries and play centres.

With over 10 colour options and 3 standard sizes to suit everyone. Just choose the best option for your specific requirements.

Each custom-made tabard is available with either tape tie closing or fixed elastic. We find the fixed elastic option is best suited to younger children.

Material for the bibs can be

  1. Standard nylon/pvc backed. These are very durable and are waterproof and wipeable. Not machine washable. Perfect for outdoors.
  2. 4oz coated polyester fabric. These are machine washable, lightweight and suitable for both indoors and outside. Light shower proof only. Best use indoors, as they are not so heavy or warm to wear during the summer months.
  3. Polycotton fabric. Machine washable and lightweight fabric. Not shower proof and best for indoors.

We also offer several polyester mesh hi Vis tabard styles with reflective tape. Not made in the UK.

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