Secure Collection Buckets for Charity

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Secure Collection Buckets for Charity.


Charity-Collection-BucketsFundraising Supplies. Large capacity charity aid collection buckets with lids.

Each charity collecting bucket is supplied with an 2 nylon ties and an adhesive "Thank You" security label.


VAT will not be charged if you supply your valid Charity Registration Number.

Enter your charity number in the comments box at checkout.

If you do not supply a charity number and select No Vat, the order will not be processed.

►Select the VAT or Non VAT option when making your selection.

Minimum online order Qty 2 Secure Collection Buckets.


UK_Manufactured_Products_Kova_Mfg_Ltd UK Made. Recyclable Plastic.



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Colour Red
Specification Capacity 4.2ltrs (with secrity lid on)
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Product Note Status Price
Volunteer Armbands Volunteer Armbands
Volunteer Sashes £2.40 / unit(s) *
Security Chain for Charity Collection Box Security Chain for Charity Collection Box
Collection Box Security Chain
£1.95 / unit(s) *
Nylon Security Ties Nylon Security Ties
Nylon security ties for the collection buckets
£1.00 / pack(s) *
Collection Bucket Labels Collection Bucket Labels
Thank you Labels for fundraising plastic buckets
£0.30 / unit(s) * Notify on availability
Trolley Coin Keyring Trolley Coin Keyring
Personalised Trolley Coin Key ring
£0.83 / unit(s) *
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