Numbered Armbands

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Numbered Armbands.



£3.55 ex vat per single armband with any number from 1 to 99.


Custom made nylon numbered armbands with printed numerals are available in 13 colours, each with an individual printed number of your choice or sequentially numbers.

This nylon arm band has sewn turned edges along the length for more comfort and armband durability.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor uses. Sports teams, roller skating, dance and other activities requiring team or individual identification.


When ordering a numbered armband select colour and size.

At checkout type the number required for each armband size(s) in the comments box.


UK_Manufactured_Products_Kova_Mfg_Ltd UK Made.


Additional product information

Colour Red
Size Child 4/6 yrs 20cm to 23cm
Best for Use Indoors & Outdoors
Armband Colour Swatch Download

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