Nursing Care Home Staff

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Medical Trauma Tabards
£10.45 / unit(s) *
Nurse In Charge Armbands
£2.95 / unit(s) *
Plain Satin Sash
£1.50 / unit(s) *
Tabards Printed First Aider
£6.55 / unit(s) *
Pocket Tabards Polycotton
£6.95 / unit(s) *
Satin Sashes Printed Visitor
£2.95 / unit(s) *
Nylon Armbands First Aider
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Welcome Satin Sashes
£2.95 / unit(s) *
Customised Nylon Tabards
£11.45 / unit(s) *
Volunteer Satin Sashes
£2.95 / unit(s) *
First Aider Wraparound Armband
£8.70 / unit(s) *
Primary Carer Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Sashes Printed ASK ME?
£2.95 / unit(s) *
Midwife In Charge Armbands
£2.95 / unit(s) *
First Aider Armband
£6.50 / unit(s) *
Washable Nurses Sashes
£4.95 / unit(s) *
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1 - 20 of 56 results

Nursing Care Home Staff

Hospital & Nursing Care Home Staff - Trauma Teams - Printed Workwear.


We have a range of pre-printed tabards, sashes and armbands for use by hospital nursing care home staff.

These red tabards and sashes can be worn by hospital and nursing care home staff and carers to alert other members and visitors of the hospital that they are dispensing medication and other duties that require their full attention and are not to be disturbed.

These tabards, sashes and armbands are available in a standard 70d nylon with PVC backing material or a washable elastomer/polyester backing, this material has a much softer feel than 70d nylon.

Also available are printed button badges and personalisable anti bac pens, ideal for use on the ward

Personalise Your Own Tabards for Medical Trauma and Emergency Response Teams.

Printed text available on selected products includes nylon and washable tabards.

  1. "Do Not Disturb. Nurse On Medication Round"
  2. "Do Not Disturb. Medication Round In Progress"
  3. "Do Not Disturb. Critical Check In Progress"
  4. "Nurse In Charge"
  5. "This Task Requires A High Level Of Concentration. Do Not Disturb."