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Budget Nylon Armband
£1.48 / unit(s) *
Peer Mentoring Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Turned Edge Nylon Armbands
£1.94 / unit(s) *
Kids Armbands Printed Buddy
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Play Leader Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Contour i Extra Printed Pens
£0.90 / unit(s) *
Nylon Armbands First Aider
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Captain Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Pocket Tabards Polycotton
£8.40 / unit(s) *
Child's Hi Viz Polyester Tabard
£2.85 / unit(s) *
Peer Mediator Arm Bands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Drawstring Bags 15cm x 20cm
£1.59 / unit(s) *
Primary Carer Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
Childs Black Mourning Armbands
£2.50 / unit(s) *
School Prefects Armbands
£2.40 / unit(s) *
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1 - 20 of 300 results

School Items - Products & Accessories

School Items - Printed Products for Young Children.


Note for UK Schools - Orders can be Placed and Paid on Invoice - Click the payment option at checkout.


Search our site for more school items such as: Tabards, Armbands, Book Bags, Button Badges, Reflectors and more!

Back to School - Promote your school with low cost pens, pencils and writing accessories personalised with your school name and logo.

Helping to keep your young children safe with a range of hi visibility safety vests, tabards and ID armbands or our popular clip on prismatic safety reflectors.

Products suitable for your school mentoring programmes and schemes offer affordable pupil identification for a specific mentoring role.


Tabards and Safety Vests.

We have a choice of tabards in either 70 denier nylon, polyester or polycotton fabric available in a range of colours and sizes.

Each tabard can have a pre-printed text logo, or you can have your own school logo or text message. Safety vests can also be personalised with your logo, perfect for your children’s safety.


Printed Armbands for Kids

Select from our huge range of identification armbands, again these are available as a pre-printed armband or customised with your own logo.