Custom Sashes - Healthcare Workers

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Plain Satin Sash - Adults
£1.67 / unit(s) *
Satin Sashes Printed Visitor
£3.67 / unit(s) *
Welcome Satin Sashes
£3.67 / unit(s) *
Volunteer Satin Sashes
£3.67 / unit(s) *
Sashes Printed ASK ME? - Adults
£3.67 / unit(s) *
Washable Nurses Sashes
£8.95 / unit(s) *
Washable Red Nurses Sashes
£8.95 / unit(s) *
Nurses Washable Red Sash
£8.95 / unit(s) *
Adults Sash Plain Polyester
£3.68 / unit(s) *



Custom Sashes - Healthcare Workers

Custom Sashes Printed with Text Logos.


We produce 3 sash options: Low cost satin acetate, the standard sashes for promotional and hen parties, we then have 2 washable options:

Washable PVC/elastomer for Nursing and Medical Healthcare Staff. (Red Only)

A Polyester fabric sash, again this is a washable material but is available in a wide choice of colours.


Our low cost identification pre-printed sash options for NHS staff and healthcare workers are available with a range of text logos, saving your money because you don't need to have a print origination setup cost.

 And remember you can always have these sashes personalised with your own text or coloured logo. Subject to sash option choosen.

Custom made sashes for helping to easily identify your designated personnel, perfect for NHS Hospitals, Care Homes, Healthcare and Hospices medication round duties etc.

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