Numbered Armbands

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Numbered Nylon Armbands
£3.55 / unit(s) *
Numbered Wraparound Armbands
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Numbered Polycotton Armbands
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Numbered Armbands

Numbered Armbands.


Individually Numbered Armbands manufactured in Birmingham.


All our custom-made nylon with pvc backing and polycotton armband options can be printed with a single number from 1 to 99 as standard.

Prices shown for our armband range is for a single band with a single number.

Example: Red arm band, size medium, printed with the numeral 10.

Each of our Standard nylon arm bands or adjustable arm bands can be personalised with any individual number.

White number on dark coloured armband and black number on light coloured armband.

The materials available come in a huge range of 13 great colours giving you an exceptional choice of numbered armbands to choose from.

Perfect for identification purposes, events, sports days, roller skating, dance competitions or in the workplace.

You can order 13 colours, each with a different number or 1 colour with 20 of the same number, the choice is yours. If you require three or more digits (2587 as an example) please call for pricing.

Remember if you require a four-digit number on a child’s armband, the height of the numbers would need to reduce slightly to fit the space available.


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